Lowland Prowler Swipe


Here you can find all of the registered gryphs available.

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HandlerGryph NumberPhotoGryph NameGryph BreedGryph Color DescriptionGenderSpecial GeneticsDamSireOpen for Breeding
Rylan 2OS1510 Forest Faerie Fen Green female Wing A: xx Wing B: xx yes
Rylan TP1717 Ryan Snow Lupe Yellow male Wings: XX Down Under: Xx yes
Rylan SMF1528 Jason Common Tundra Lupine Blue male Dilute: xx yes
Rylan OS17043 Fletcher Common Tundra Lupine Green male Starburst: Xx yes
Rylan TP1713 Aiden Heathland Kogrr Red male Benign White: Xx Inkspot: Xx Plates yes
Rylan TP1705 Salem Common Steppe Cat Blue female Dominant Black: Xx Vestigial Wings yes
Rylan OS17013 Ashka Armored Tree Dweller Purple female Starburst: Xx Spines yes
Rylan 2OS1529 Nadia Moonsinger Orange female Broad wings: Xx, Gem: Xx yes
Rylan OS17007 Mason Frost Borne Purple male Wings Frostbite Ringtail yes
Rylan OS17015 Elijah Common Forest Vulpine Blue male Starburst: Xx Black Legs/Ear tips: xx Underwhite: xx yes