This egg is a RANDOM. Anything is possible!

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This egg is a RANDOM! All 4 species/16 breeds possible! Reveals will happen on the forum later this week, or as soon as all eggs are bought.
Gryphs are a breedable, roleplay adoptables game.  There are 16 breeds, when you purchase an egg, you know only the color genetics of what’s inside. There are also armored corgis, flying huskies, spined foxes, fairy fennecs and more! Each breed has base stats in the RP, and it’s own genetics. You can also breed you adoptable, enter it in shows and even stud it or sell it for real cash. You can also breed these with the long-running Escorander Dragon adoptables, as this is a sister game.

You can read more information, including photos of the breeds and rules of the RP here:
You can see our forums here: http://gryphs.freeforums.net/

The main website is www.stormfyregryphs.com

I am selling the eggs on small batches in various places. You buy an egg listing and receive the gryph and genetics card that matches it. The colors reveal the base genetic colors BUT some special genes, like dilute and albino can override the colors. You then register your gryph so that you can build a character sheet and breed it when breeding season opens (approximately 4 times a year.)


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