Gryphs is a breedable adoptable sculpture game created by Stormslegacy.

Ever wanted to breed cute things and play with genetics but didn’t want to contribute to over-population?  Then this game is for you!  Breed to better your chosen breed, create your own species, or just to see what happens!

Gryphs are acquired at conventions, and through online sales on the website store or forum. They can also be bought/traded from other members, as contest prizes and even through role-play! Gryphs are limited, so they are not available all the time.

They can be bred during breeding seasons to produce clutches of eggs.  Seasons occur every 3 months or so and are announced on the forum and mailing list. Gryphs is a sister game to the dragon adoptables at Escorander Estates. You can also interbreed to create hybrids.

The best way to learn more is to join the forum!

You can see information in more detail in the Wiki: gryphs.wikia.com/wiki/Gryphs_Wiki

Gryphs can also be used in our guided roleplay adventures. See the forum for details!